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Zoom Parent Reminders:  Zoom hours are for Q&A and enhancement/extension of recorded lessons and activities in Canvas.   Students are only REQUIRED to check into two zooms per class/per week, please log into more if you would like! When a student logs in, they must have their name posted and videos ON. This is for attendance and security purposes.   All Zooms are recorded. Any breach of online etiquette will result in immediate dismissal from the Zoom Meeting, loss of participation points, and parent contact. Any reoccurring violations could result in the suspension of virtual privileges.
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Welcome to Miss P's STAR Academy Science and STEM classroom!

Hi all! Welcome to your 6th and 7th grade STAR Academy science, and 8th grade STEM classroom.
A little about me:
I have been teaching since 2001 in Illinois and Tennessee.  I have been in Fayette County Schools since 2013 teaching at East Junior High (8th grade science), Oakland Elementary (STEM and computers) and West Junior High (academy science/social studies/STEM and robotics).
As you look through my website please click on the class you are in to see more info and links.  The website will be updated weekly as well as Clever and Canvas with assignments and announcements.  

Classroom Expectations

I have high expectations for all my students and to ensure success, here is a short list of what I expect in the classroom.

1. Be on time.
2. Be prepared with all materials.
3. Treat others with respect.
4. Follow directions the 1st time
5. Obey all school rules.


        Virtual class expectations

            For our virtual classes please login to Clever each day and then login to Canvas to find your assignment for the day.

            Zoom times will be(you must be in two live zoom meetings per week):

            Monday 1:00-1:30 6th grade

                           1:30-2:00 7th grade

                           and 2-3

            Tuesday 11:00-11:30 6th grade

                           11:30-12:00 7th grade

                           and 2-3

            Wed 10:00-10:30 6th grade

                     10:30-11:00 7th grade

                     and 2-3

            Thursday 9:00-9:30 6th grade

                            9:30-10:00 7th grade

                            and 2-3

            Friday 2-3


Expectations for Zoom sessions.  Students must participate in the discussion.  Students can ask questions for clarity and to help other students out.  Please no eating or drinking during Zoom sessions.  Students will be muted unless asking a question or open discussion.  Students cannot be doing other things during the zoom session (ie: working out, cleaning…etc..).


Supplies for our class

The following supplies will be used in our class daily and will need to be used for just my class. Remember there will be no sharing of supplies this year.

1-ring binder
1- set of dividers
1 – package of loose-leaf paper
Pen / pencils (to be brought daily)
1- box Kleenex & roll of paper towels
1- pair of student scissors
1-glue or glue sticks(pack of 6)

Class Work

            Each nine week grading period will be jam packed with Language Arts, Math, Science, & Social Studies. We will be very busy with novels, short stories, poems, book reports and special projects.

I look forward to a great year with your student. Should you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me by email or phone. My planning time is during 1st and 3rd  period. I will be more than happy to discuss your student’s progress during this time.


Test Correction Policy

Test grades below 70 may be corrected and brought up to a 70 within the week that the graded test was passed back. To receive full credit, the student must copy the question and the correct answer for each missed question on a separate sheet of paper and turn in with original test.


Remind codes for important announcements

6th grade Academy science: @h87c3h

7th grade Academy science: @9bahfa8


Link to intro video: