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Zoom Parent Reminders:  Zoom hours are for Q&A and enhancement/extension of recorded lessons and activities in Canvas.   Students are only REQUIRED to check into two zooms per class/per week, please log into more if you would like! When a student logs in, they must have their name posted and videos ON. This is for attendance and security purposes.   All Zooms are recorded. Any breach of online etiquette will result in immediate dismissal from the Zoom Meeting, loss of participation points, and parent contact. Any reoccurring violations could result in the suspension of virtual privileges.
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Casie Bizzle - Social Studies



Zoom Meeting Times for 7th Grade Social Studies

Hello, 7th Graders!
Due to COVID-19, we are going to have Zoom meetings as part of our instructional day!  All subjects will have them, but each subject has specific times that they meet. THE MAIN PURPOSE FOR OUR ZOOM MEETINGS IS TO HELP YOU CLARIFY ANY QUESTIONS YOU HAVE ABOUT YOUR ASSIGNMENTS!  Essentially, it is a tutoring/reteaching tool for your benefit.
My Zoom Meeting room ID is on CANVAS in the "Announcements" tab. 
7th Grade Social Studies Zoom Meeting Times

Mondays           11:00am  &  2:00pm

Tuesdays           10:00am  &  2:00pm

Wednesdays     9:00am  &  2:00pm

Thursdays         1:00pm  &  2:00pm

Fridays               NONE


WE are going to have a GREAT YEAR, 7th Graders! 

"See" you soon!


Helpful Hints

Hey, 7th Graders!
I wanted to give you some helpful hints to better assist you in your daily learning!
  • Once you know your Clever login, start THERE!
  • Clever has EVERYTHING you're going to need for your classes, PLUS all the apps like Study Island, Canvas, Mastery Connect, etc., are ALREADY LINKED to your Clever Login ID, so it's a no-brainer!
  • Canvas is where you will find EACH of your subject areas all lumped together. This is your VIRTUAL CLASSROOM; login to it EVERYDAY!
  • Different classes will use different apps in addition to Canvas to further help you become an exceptional learner. PAY ATTENTION TO THESE. They are worth GRADES NOW!!!
  • But, the cool thing is, if more than one class is using the same app like Study Island, then all your classes will be lumped together under your account! 
  • Here's the biggest take-away: DO YOUR WORK EVERYDAY! Don't let it pile up on you. Don't procrastinate (put it off) until the last minute. Tackle all your classes each day. While it looks like a lot at first, I believe you will find it easier than you thought. In fact, many of you will discover that you'll have time to actually work ahead in your classes.
  • When you're on Zoom, act right and look right! It is school, so keep that in mind PLEASE. Also, TRY NOT TO EAT while in a meeting. Really, just be respectful.
  • ALL THE GRADES COUNT! It's for real, y'all!
  • Don't panic! If you're having a hard time with the technology, apps, websites, classwork, or subject matter, ASK FOR HELP! 
Finally, STAY POSITIVE, PATIENT, and PRODUCTIVE! We teachers are working really hard for y'all, but we're learning, too. We really want to meet of all you in person, so let's hope this pandemic resolves soon!
Dr. Cunningham shared this with me, and I wanted to share this with you:
"Stay focused. BELIEVE that you can ACHIEVE at the HIGHEST levels. Surround yourself with others who BELIEVE IN YOU. Do NOT STRAY from your GOALS."
                                                     - Zach Ertz
"Live simply.
Love generously.
Care deeply.
Speak kindly."
7th Graders, let's have an AMAZING year!!!