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Zoom Parent Reminders:  Zoom hours are for Q&A and enhancement/extension of recorded lessons and activities in Canvas.   Students are only REQUIRED to check into two zooms per class/per week, please log into more if you would like! When a student logs in, they must have their name posted and videos ON. This is for attendance and security purposes.   All Zooms are recorded. Any breach of online etiquette will result in immediate dismissal from the Zoom Meeting, loss of participation points, and parent contact. Any reoccurring violations could result in the suspension of virtual privileges.
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Jolanda Thompson - World History - 6th Grade

Welcome to West Junior High School. You are embarking on a new journey that will require you to make some changes. Your teachers will require you to act responsibly. Come to class ready to learn with all your materials. Some days will be so awesome you  will wonder what took me so to get here; yet other days you will  be overwhelmed, frustrated, silly, etc.. Organization, discipline, and perseverance are your keys for  success in junior high school. Get to know your teachers and their expectations. Your parents, teachers, guidance counselor, and principal want you to be successful! You will develop new friendships ! Remember to work first and play later .