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Zoom Parent Reminders:  Zoom hours are for Q&A and enhancement/extension of recorded lessons and activities in Canvas.   Students are only REQUIRED to check into two zooms per class/per week, please log into more if you would like! When a student logs in, they must have their name posted and videos ON. This is for attendance and security purposes.   All Zooms are recorded. Any breach of online etiquette will result in immediate dismissal from the Zoom Meeting, loss of participation points, and parent contact. Any reoccurring violations could result in the suspension of virtual privileges.
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Important Internet Links


Tennessee R.E.A.D.s is a program that allows you to check out books, either audio books or e-books by going to the site, signing in and checking them out! Amazon.com delivers them to your e-reader and you have them for up to 3 weeks! All you need is a library card from your local library! So all those new books you've wanted to buy? Go check it out at R.E.A.D.s at the link below!



Looking for information for a project, book report or just looking up cool facts? Check out the TEL, the Tennessee Electronic Library! The TEL gives you access to encyclopedias, books, journals and homework help! You can even find out about “area 51” by clicking the link below.



Helping your little brother or sister with homework? Check out this site for kids from K-5! There is a site for teens and even for parents! Click the link below.



Taking the ACT this year? Check out the free practice on the TEL: http://www.tntel.tnsos.org/act.htm

Want to practice a foreign language? Look at this! It's called Power Speak and it is free on the TEL! Click the link below.


Check out our local library in Somerville! Need a free video to show, or a great current book? Want to take a knitting class or go to a painting class? Want to have a teen book club? There is already one there! Give them a call. Ms. Laura or Ms. Kecia can help you out!