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Zoom Parent Reminders:  Zoom hours are for Q&A and enhancement/extension of recorded lessons and activities in Canvas.   Students are only REQUIRED to check into two zooms per class/per week, please log into more if you would like! When a student logs in, they must have their name posted and videos ON. This is for attendance and security purposes.   All Zooms are recorded. Any breach of online etiquette will result in immediate dismissal from the Zoom Meeting, loss of participation points, and parent contact. Any reoccurring violations could result in the suspension of virtual privileges.
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Judy Babb

ESL and Spanish Teacher

My name is Judy Babb and my mission is to help you learn.  I am a veteran middle and high school teacher.  I taught 25 years for Memphis City Schools at Fairley High School and Raleigh Egypt High School.  I taught English, Spanish, and ESL.  After teaching at the high school for so long, I transferred to Kate Bond Middle School.  I taught there for three years.  I moved to a charter school when the two Shelby County systems merged.  I taught at MAHS charter school for two years.  After that, I was going to retire, but Dr. Watkins convinced me to come to Fayette County Schools and teach at Fayette-Ware High School for three more years. I retired from teaching full-time in May of 2019.  Fayette County Public Schools asked me to return to teach English as a Second Language (ESL) on a part time basis.  I have now returned to the classroom full time at West Junior High School as an ESL and Spanish teacher.  I am excited to be working with my new students this year!


On a personal level, I have been an exchange student to Spain and Mexico.  I have traveled to Thailand, Mexico, Spain, Germany, England, Belgium, Netherlands, and Panama.  I love to travel!  Any excuse and I find a way to travel.  :-)  I work with high school exchange students from all over the world.  When I go to other countries, I often visit these students, and they show me their country.  I hope to open the world to you.  It is a fascinating place and holds many adventures.  

Zoom Meeting ID:  869 809 3460

Passcode:  Lions2020