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Welcome to Ms. Babb's Relm!

6th, 7th, and 8th grade

ESL English



Welcome back to school!   I am so excited to have you here at West Jr. High School!     I look forward to a great year with you in my class. The following is a list of supplies and expectations for Ms. Babb’s class as well as a basic outline of our class activities. Please read over this with your student and return it to me with all signatures for a surprise!  😊

Classroom Expectations:

I have high expectations for all my students.  Listed are the things I expect from all of my students everyday.

        Be on time.
        Be prepared with all materials.
        Treat others with respect.
        Follow directions the 1st time.
        Obey all school rules.

Virtual class expectations:

      For our virtual classes please login to Clever each day and then login to Canvas to find your assignment for the day.

      Zoom times will be:

     Monday 10:00-11:00

     Tuesday 9:00-10:00

     Wednesday 1:00-2:00

     Thursday 11:00-12:00

      Friday 2:00-3:00. 

      Everyday tutoring and discussions will be from 2:00-3:00.

Zoom Meeting ID:  869 809 3460

Passcode:  Lions2020



      Expectations for Zoom sessions:  

Students must participate in the discussion.
Students can ask questions for clarity and helping other students is encouraged.
Please, no eating or drinking during Zoom sessions.
Students will be muted unless asking a question or in open discussion.
Students cannot be doing other things during the zoom session (ie: working out, cleaning…etc..).

Grading Policies:

  • Tests 40%
  • Projects/Performance Based Assessments 30%
  • Participation via online programs 20%
  • Participation via Zoom meetings and daily tasks 10%

Supplies for our class:

The following supplies will be used in our class daily and will need to be used for just my class.

1- 3 ring binder
1- set of dividers
1 – package of loose-leaf paper
Blue or Black Pens / pencils (to be brought daily)
1- box Kleenex

Late Work and Absences:

I will have the strict late work policy of only accepting work five days after it is due with points off each day that it is late. On the 6th day, the work will no longer be accepted for any reason unless you have a doctor’s note or there are extenuating circumstances. I personally would like to challenge your student to working on a no late work policy for themselves in every class, as they will be subject to this in high school. As the student handbook states, the student will have one day of make up time per day missed of school for excused absences only.

Tardy Policy:

Per my tardy policy, every student must be in their assigned seat when the tardy bell rings. The tardy discipline procedures are as follows:

1st- verbal warning
3rd- documentation & parent phone call
5th- administrative action


Class Work:

Each nine week grading period will be jam packed with Language Arts. We will be very busy with novels, short stories, poems, book reports and special projects. I look forward to a great year with your student. Should you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me by email ([email protected]) or through the Remind App. My planning time is during 7th period. I will be more than happy to discuss your student’s progress during this time.

Videos and Visual Presentations:

Throughout the school year we may watch a PG or PG-13 video (clips) that will enhance your students’ learning of the subject from our curriculum or within their writing. All videos are tied back to the lesson and are an important visual element. If you have an objection to your student watching a PG or PG-13 movie, please let me know.

Remind Codes for important announcements:                                                             

 6th grade @f7fc2                                                                                                                   

 7th grade @bk7ehk                                                                                                                    

8th grade @6cf682                                                                                                               

Go to your cell phone and text 81010 then enter the appropriate Remind code for the class.  😊



Judy Babb

[email protected]